Maternity OOTD| Casual Mama

One of the most popular comments I get from strangers, friends, family and my blog followers is “You look great.” Of course that is pleasing to hear to an almost 9 month pregnant woman who feels all but great.

Sometimes I am brutally honest and explain how I didn’t sleep last night, I have a kick boxer in my belly and I’m hot all the time. My back and feet hurt and I’m tired around the clock. I am no different than any other expecting mother.

Waking up in the morning and forcing myself to look like a decent human being is what makes my days a little better. Hearing from all of you that I am doing a good job keeping it together is what keeps me from falling into the sweat pants hole.

Thank you to all that continue to believe in me even when I am too tired to take pictures or post or write.

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