The Modern Dad

Here’s A Stylish And Affordable Father’s Day Gift

We can’t help but want the fathers in our lives to look stylish, right? Lucky for me, I have a pretty stylish husband — and he has given the stamp of approval on his gift this Father’s Day. This Father’s Day I am guiding you to gifting the men in your lives a stylish and also pocket-friendly gift. With the help of DSW, I’ve chosen two pairs of sneakers that are both stylish, affordable and versatile. Dad can wear these sneakers on a date night or even to his favorite game. With the help of my husband, we’ll also show you how he can wear his gift. Scroll down for my gift picks and style tips!

The Must Have Sneaker Of The Year

I'm engaged to a sneaker head. What is a Sneaker- head? In a nut shell, someone who is extremely passionate about sneakers. I wrote an article a few months ago inspired by Todd, if you missed it read it here. We got such great feedback that I'm going to have articles more often geared towards the ...

A Modern Dad Style Guide

One thing I appreciate about Todd is that he doesn't need my help when it comes to style. He's got a cool, funky style and we complement each other well in that department, his style is behind some of my outfit inspirations. Since my blog is a style guide for the modern woman it felt appropriate to have a ...