Kobe’s Gone and Everyone Feels This

Kobe’s gone. My husband and I were driving from my oldest son’s basketball game when we heard Honey German on 105.1 state, “Kobe has died in a helicopter crash this morning.” I looked at Todd, “Did she just say, Kobe.” My husband, “No, there’s no way.” I quickly asked Siri for the latest Kobe news and there it was, confirmed. We sat in silence. We got home and I jumped in the shower, and then a bang on my bathroom door, “His daughter was on that helicopter too.” I just kept repeating, no. No!” The evening went on and I obsessed. Refreshing Google for the latest news, tuning in to the press conference held by the LA Sheriff’s Department in Calabasas. Later on, I watched The Grammys and I cried with the opening sentiments of Alicia Keys, “In the house that Kobe built.” Every mention of Kobe and this accident, hurts.

Everyone feels this.

We held him to real super hero strengths, didn’t we? Super heroes are invincible, right? There were families on that helicopter. Mothers and fathers with their children. Husbands with their wives. A mother sitting on a helicopter as it spins out of control while her husband and children sit home. Did they tell her they loved her before she left? Kobe with Gianna.

Tragedies happen. They happen every day. We live a world of information overload, so I don’t know about you, but I’m desensitized. Then there is a tragedy like this one and our realities re-set. Everyone feels this.

Hold your children a little closer. Let the bull shit go. Repeat after me, LET THE BULL SHIT GO! Be sad. Feel this. Every day is a blessing yet we always seem to forget.

I’m sitting at a café with tears rolling down my cheeks and I wonder…do they know why I type and cry?

They must. Everyone feels this.